System and method for compressing video based on latency measurements and other feedback. Cut off and roll-off are performance and specification oriented, and depend on the circuit design. The antenna feed 16 a is connected directly to one of the diplexers in the electronic circuitry, as described in more detail below. The array spacing may be chosen as a half wavelength at the center frequency of the frequency band being amplified and re-transmitted by the repeater, to produce a null in the array factor on the horizons, thus reducing the direct coupling between the antennas on opposite sides of the repeater. Electrical power can also be supplied to the repeater through power supply lines not shown passing through the mounting bracket 17 and its stem 18 into the frame

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The height and width of the unit are a multiple of the thickness dimension, e. Assume, for example, that the antennas have 0 dBi gain, then the new feedback signal is G f t. The respective Tx and Rx antennas on one side of the repeater are designated by reference numerals a and bwhile the respective Tx and Rx antenna elements on the other side are designated by reference numerals a and b.

However, silicon process chips or CMOS process chips might also be utilized.

For example, if the isolation between antennas is around 60 dB, then the maximum repeater gain allowed will be about 45 dB. The opposite ends of the connectors 27 b are connected to the RF circuitry on the board The antenna may gaminf designed, located and installed wirelesa as to provide coverage over a null fill areaas will be described below. The remaining repeater circuits may be implemented in a number of ways.


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Radiating elements, such as a patch element for each cellare arrayed on faces In each cella hybrid coupler FIG.

That is, any rceiver these applications might be used in any frequency band, including, but not limited to, the following:. Multiband antenna receiver system with, LNA, AMP, combiner, voltage regulator, splitter, noise filter and common single feeder.

Therefore, the repeater gain ashron in general be less than the isolation minus the margin. Additionally, each system has a separate control input R, T for the respective RF switch.

Measuring and controlling signal feedback between the transmit and receive antennas of a communications booster.

All these delay lines of varying length feed a common RF output More specifically, the larger the ground plane, the less energy radiated to the back side. These virtual electrons then force the actual electrons on the surface of the passive antenna to accelerate, and induce a potential at its feed point. The beamforming and selection networksand abab in FIGS.

US20140127989A1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

Here a plurality of antenna elements are arranged in a 3 by 3 array. Mobile wireless communications device having improved antenna impedance match and antenna gain from RF energy.

The array of antennas could be formed in the vertical plane, to generate elevation beams, as an alternative to the horizontal array of FIG.

The controller’s functions may also include monitoring of power levels at various points in the system, monitoring of the status of the devices in the system, for example for over-power, under-power, oscillation, etc.

Multiple gaskets G are provided for sealing purposes. The inner radius is chosen to make the patch resonant at the design frequency.


The flat-panel repeater can be mounted on a wall or window, at or near a location where the RF signal power from a nearby base station is at its maximum power level within the building. A planar antenna, which may have a multiplicity of antenna elements, is used to generate a plurality of RF beams, via the RF Butler matrix. The repeater electronics boosts the signals as they are passed between the two antennas, to enhance the communications between the remote source and the base station.

Each PIN diode is controlled via a control C or bias line ; acting as an electronic switching circuit. Unwanted feedback occurs via surface currents on the outside surfaces of the panel, and path lengths that are odd multiples of one-half wavelength produce cancellation of the unwanted surface currents.

USA1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

Accordingly, each of these antennas is provided with a frequency diplexerto accommodate the use of different frequency bands in the uplink and downlink channels. Wireless network with presentation and media layers for broadcast satellite and cable wigeless.

Such an arrangement is shown in FIG. This embodiment works best where the structure 5 has the dimensions of a two-story building. The specific design features of the sequence of operations as disclosed herein, including, for example, specific dimensions, orientations, locations, and shapes of various illustrated components, will be determined in part by the particular intended application and use environment. The antennascan each be a 16 element 4.