My old Thinkpad drive reads those CDs without any problems – did not even realize that some CDs are different. But it does not realize that I want to copy the data. The drive also uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times. Copy a single video file from a VCD to the harddisk – it is extremely slow. Or choose door No. I can not return it to store now. Then I found your post.

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A further difference is that at the Thinkpad drive there is absolutely no noise – since I lite-ob the IBM hard disk by a better one – it was faulty anyway. For instance the speed for copying VCDs is unchangeable.

Sometimes you might get used to problems…. Sure you might say – I use the sound card anyway. Writer User Reviews and Comments.

Lite-on SOHW-1693S Firmware 0B

But in any case – the quality control at Liteon seems not to exist or they dvdtw accept this kind of quality as their standard… But we should not. Or lite-om burn videos and want to play them on a different player, or… And what I found on the Internet in respect of DVD DL seems to be even a bigger nightmare.


Because for me it is a huge act to replace the drive bought it far away I gave it up to use it for now.

This makes it different to many other drives. I have KS0B firmware installed and using Nero 7.

LiteOn SOHWS 16x Internal DVD+/-RW Dual + Layer Drive (white) Overview – CNET

Optical Storage Form Factor. Bay Required Total Qty. Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones. Is there some simple way that I can control each recorder seperately with each of the two remotes?? By clicking on the image below you can see a larger, more detailed picture So my experience with my 16XX series drives was a pleasant surprise. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

I do not have to check them on an other drive if they are readable. But in any case this is pretty useless. Drum, thanks for the information.

I do not know if this is the writing quality of the drive. Transfer Rate Reading Tests 3.

Lite-on SOHWS Firmware 0B Driver – TechSpot

I do not have to burn a new DVD or 2 in my case if anything changed. And things like stated reading speeds on the Liteon box are a joke. One great option I forget to mention. The drive can write well but it cannot read. It does not think so much. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.


It has worked flawlessly. About Privacy Contact Us.

Act like your business litw-on on them Backups: The firmware update does not help and the Liteon drive here at my location was more expensive then the BenQ I do not believe…. The retail package remains the same as all previous releases, except for one extra item this time, the extra bezel included. These are the ones you should grab. Just be patient and tell them everything you have already done to try to fix the problem.