Visible Red Dot Pointer. With a high-quality image and an Epilog laser, you will be amazed at the wood carvings, ornaments and key chains you can make in the comfort of your own home. Epilog Zing 24 Laser: Setup is as easy as placing your product on the Rotary Attachment, raising or lowering the scissor lift to level the engraving area, and printing to the laser! Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color.

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Since we use low power CO2 30 to watts and fiber lasers 10 to 50 watts the beam will clearly mark on coated and raw metal but our systems are not ideally suited for metal-cutting applications.

Upgrade to the Epilog Zing 24 for even more Standard features:

Epilog epjlog can do all the cutting and engraving necessary and an interlock device ensures your safety by preventing the laser from running with the door open. Project layout has never been easier! The Fusion M2 series features a 32″ x 20″ x mm or 40″ x 28″ x mm work area. Start Your Own Business Guide. Can the Epilog Zing create the same engraving quality as the Legend and Fusion series? You can engrave scanned photos, logos, bitmaps, other images, text, and AutoCAD files.

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Higher Resolution Standard Optics. Laser Engraving and Cutting Business Guidebook.

zlng Also shop in Also shop in. Quarterly Customer Eppilog and Monthly E-News We produce two newsletters filled with customer stories, sample projects and industry news. An online resource for you to access technical articles about your laser, software and the industry in general.


User-friendly print driver allows you to control all of the laser’s features from one interface. Air Assist Attach an air compressor to our included Air Assist to remove heat and combustible gases from the cutting surface by directing a constant stream of compressed air across the cutting surface. Now you can engrave wine bottles, mugs, glasses, flashlights or any other cylindrical item up to 5. Do you have any comments or questions Please send information and pricing on the Zing Laser.

Vector color mapping links speed, zzing and focus to any RGB color.

High quality components allow you to engrave and cut with the highest quality for a desktop laser system. The Epilog Zing 16 laser system is a powerful choice in entry-level laser systems.

The Zing 24 is equipped with USB and Ethernet connections for printing as well as a serial connection for tech support. If you set up the laser to cut relatively soft contest grade balsa, you may have to tweak the power increase or speed decrease for the parts to be cut cleanly through the first time.

Has red dot pointer and the Rotary attachment for cups, ye Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting? To cut, you will need a vector based graphic, such as an. Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color. Talk to our customers on our Facebook Fans page. Whether your working with wood, acrylic, plastic, marble, fabric, metal or any other material you can use an Epilog Laser system to etch intricate designs into your materials with ease.


Epilog Zing 24 40Watt Laser Cutter Review

Notice the jackscrews for adjusting the vertical position in the fpilog. To see a video of the Epilog Zing 24 cutting Lite Ply go here: PhotoLaser Plus takes photo engraving with your Epilog Zing Starter Series laser to the next level by easily processing photos for engraving on all types of materials. The Zing’s Red Dot Pointer provides a visible epllog beam for setting up projects and to see exactly where the laser will fire.

Or, about 12 cents per hour, or 96 cents per eight hour day. This allows the laser beam to pass cleanly through the material you are cutting and dramatically reduces underside reflections.

Above the Job Keypad is located on the upper right hand corner of the cabinet. If I were to start a new kit cutting business, I think it would be a smart move to build it around an Epilog Laser!

Achieve high-resolution engraving on marble, glass, wood, acrylic, and much more.