The driver depended on that stack, and Linux had no comparable alternative at that time. The following link is a tarball oriented towards BackTrack but may be of value to people with an eeepc. The website is kept online for historic purposes only. Fully works in Debian Lenny Kernel 2. Powered by Trac 0. Cheap Ativa card works ok in gentoo. Greg Chesson also retreated from the project, and has since left Atheros for another career.

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The MadWifi project is history

Support for Atheros chipID 0x rev 01 However atheross card must first be turned on using a software switch as explained hereelse it will not transmit or receive anything. The website is kept online for historic purposes only.

For a backup you can take the package that you used to install madwifi before. Madwivi some point in time, MadWifi has been superseded by ath5k and ath9k drivers, which became part of the Linux kernel and are actively developed and improved by the Linux kernel’s wireless developers.

SlackBuilds Repository

May 28th, 6. Powered by Trac 0. However, MadWifi still seems to be used in a few research projects. Worked with latest svn build TracWiki introduces the conecpt of the wiki engine, and WikiFormatting explains the wiki formatting syntax.


Click on the KNetworkManager icon or KInternet in the system tray and configure your wireless network. Ad-hoc Madwifj doesn’t work for me at all.

Assuming that you are running DHCP this should be all you have to do. Crash because default kernel limit stack to 4k. Mdwifi, if you came here for this very reason, please check this instead. Fully working under OpenSuSE The project was run by a team of volunteer developers working on Linux kernel drivers for Wireless LAN devices with Atheros chipsets. Visit the Trac open source project at http: We provided athfros drivers: However, the people who were approached for that task did not accept the offer, so Sam decided to fill the gap for a while.

User Tools Log In. It depended on the so called Hardware Abstraction Layer HALwhich long time was available only in binary form due to regulatory concerns. That works perfectly I’m running Slackware 12 on Acer wlmi.


In Openhal the interface ath0 show up there aren’t any communication, the commands like iwlist return error. If you change the rate while capturing packets, airodump-ng will stall. Ex that I’m trying to get working for Linux. This maadwifi is no longer active. To find out which cards are supported see http: There are two possible workarounds: Works on the Acer Aspire if you reload the modules see http: Have to rmmod and then modprobe to make it work, but most of the time creates a kernel panic when modprobing If I don’t have to go and help my parents with something it shouldn’t take too long.

SDB:Atheros madwifi – openSUSE Wiki

The output should look similar to this:. Download in other formats: You can also use the Ndiswrapper to install your driver if this doesn’t work.

That worked like a charm.